Tips on Organizing Your Garage


It’s that time of year when you go into your garage and sigh. You look around and there is stuff everywhere. It’s cluttered, it’s dirty and sometimes it’s unsafe. We’re going to give you some tips on how to change all of this!


  1. Make time: Get the entire family together and write down when this project will take place. Write down your goals, visualize how you want your garage to look, think of the things that are most important to you. Do you just want to clear it out and organize or do you want to paint and possibly add shelving? Assign tasks to each family member. Write this down and commit to make it happen.


  1. Stage:  Everyone has their own way of “attacking” how they want to organize their garage. Some people empty the entire garage out onto the driveway and then replace everything. Some folks set a staging area and pull stuff into the middle of the garage. Whatever style you prefer, figure it out and get started.


  1. Zoning: Where will everything go? You want to get things organized so they are easy to access and easy to put away. Some would probably plot things together that sort of work together, i.e., camping gear with beach chairs, kayaks, etc.…You may have sports equipment, cleaning products and chemicals, household or pantry items, lawn and garden, collectibles, seasonal items, well, you get the jest. Get those things that belong together in the same area if possible.


  1. Get rid of what you don’t need: This is a tough one! If there are things you just don’t need or haven’t used in ages, get rid of it! Have a yard sale, donate it to a local business that may need it or just trash it! Don’t be a hoarder!


  1. Label and store in bins:  Get those big clear storage bins. This way you’ll be able to see what’s in them. Be tedious when putting things in so they are nice and tidy. Don’t forget to label your container. Storage bins are usually stackable which will open more room in your garage.


  1. Safety: Please be smart when organizing your garage. Place all electrical items in a high and dry location. Don’t leave cords dangling from the ceiling or laid out across the floor. This could be a major trip, slips and falls hazard. Make sure all bulbs are operating correctly so you can see what you’re doing while in the garage.


  1. Enjoy: Now that you’ve just beautified your garage. Enjoy it, park the car in it, oh wait, you didn’t know the garage is actually for your car!! We hope these tips will help in your journey of decluttering, cleaning and making your garage shine!