Feng Shui for the Home

Now that Spring has Sprung, it’s time to get your home Spring cleaned and in order. I’d like to talk about how we can do this AND bring Feng Shui into your home. Below are 5 ways you can do both with the 5 elements of Feng Shui. When you have your home set in this way, you will begin to feel great energies in your personal sanctuary.

  • Get rid of clutter! This is probably the most important step into clearing the house of things you really don’t need. Look around at things that are just sitting and collecting dust. Find clothing that you haven’t worn or may not fit and donate them. Now organize your things in wooden baskets, wooden filers or even in wooden boxes. The wood element represents growth and creativity. Wood fosters personal growth and increases intuition. Getting rid of clutter has now opened your home to bring more Feng Shui in.
  • Plants! I know we just talked about getting rid of “stuff” but bringing nature inside is going to make the quality of air improve. Plants produce oxygen and this is going to bring a great deal of energy into your home. You will want to place plants in most of your rooms, excluding the bedroom since this may contradict sleep. In addition to improving the quality of air, plants are beautiful! Plants will represent the earth element in Feng Shui. The earth element helps to ground and stabilize.
  • Light! Open those curtains and turn off artificial lights during the day. Bringing in natural sunshine is going to boost your immune system and it’s easier on the eyes. Natural light is going to elevate your energy and put some pep in your step. In the evening, you can dim your artificial lighting and light some candles. Candles will represent the fire element. The fire element represents transformation and expansion.
  • Metal Windchimes! Placing a metal windchime on a porch or a place outdoors where you might want to meditate will bring a gentle sound and soothe the senses. This will represent the metal element in Feng Shui. The metal element is related to mental power and sharpness, therefore be mindful with placement.
  • Water! Finally, we come to the last element of Feng Shui, water. Try to find an in-home waterfall. Turn it on and relax. The soothing sounds will help take away all the negativity that may have touched you or your home. If you have a pool with a waterfall, try to sit outside while the waterfall is flowing. The water element is very useful for release and renewal. Use this element for clarity, inspiration, relaxation, and for letting things go.