Myakka City real estate is unlike real estate in most areas. Homes in Myakka do not typically fit it in to your cookie cutter neighborhood or homes. Homes in Myakka tend to be more private and they generally sit on more acreage than a “typical” neighborhood. That does not mean that there are not neighborhoods in Myakka City. There are actually a handful of them. Golden Verna, Magnolia Hill, Saddlebag Creek, Panther Ridge, and Winding Creek just to name a few.

Buyers are not your average homeowners either. Most folks looking to live in Myakka City want privacy, a sense of community and extra room to roam. These buyers may be horse owners looking for a barn with some stalls or a place where they can ride their horses. Most areas here do not have a homeowners association or deed restrictions. Many people do practice shooting guns on their property as well. Unlike most other cities/towns, farm animals are found on many properties. It is a great place to raise chickens, goats and cattle. There are not the restrictions you may face if you lived in Bradenton or Sarasota.

Because there is not the usual neighborhood infrastructure you find in other areas, many properties come with ponds. This is great for your livestock as well as a great resource for the fire department. (Just in case there is a fire and they need access to water)

There is a great sense of community in Myakka City as well. In addition to a handful of Facebook pages, there are some great local areas that bring the community together. Stop by the Myakka City Tavern and Grill for some great food and some drinks. Or check out the new Myakka Market for fresh produce and meets. The Hunsader Pumpkin Festival takes place in October and brings in people from all over the area.

If you or someone you know is looking to move to the Myakka City area or if you just have some questions, please give me a call. My family and I also live here in Myakka and absolutely love it. I am here to help. Feel free to visit us online as well. www.MyakkaCityReal